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30 July 2009

The First Entry

Here's the first (and I have no idea how many there will be) installment in my Talking Weeds blog. I suppose you could take the title a few different ways: either talking (about) weeds or talking weeds (quite literally). If you know me at all, the last option is not out of the question! I've always been quite fond of weeds, all plants for that matter, but especially weeds. As an herbalist, weeds are a constant reminder of how many green friends (helpers) I have around me, almost anywhere I might end up on this planet.I suppose, then, this blog will be about herbs and healing, but (again) if you know me at all, I probably will drift away to many different fields of discussion and information.

Why do I love weeds? Well, they are really strong, resilient, just show up in the strangest places, and are often great healing helpers in our journey through life. They are also (often) ignored at best or persecuted by all kinds of chemicals, herbicides, etc., especially in the United States in neighborhoods like mine.It always hurts when I see the suburban dude and his canister of whatever spraying down his poisons on an unsuspecting weed. But the joke's on us. The weeds will come back. Probably stronger than before. The carcinogens might kill us, but the weeds will be back. If we were suddenly gone from this planet, it would amaze most of you all how fast the plants would reclaim the earth as our human imprint faded with time. We sure think we're all that, but the plants realize the human ego is a rather funny or pathetic invention, depending on the situation.So I'll be speaking for the weeds, not that they need me to do so, but I will (mostly for our sake). I've learned a few things from my green friends and will pass along the wisdom. I wouldn't expect Hemingway or anything, but we'll see where this goes. If you should ever read this and have a comment or question, fire away. I hate talking to myself!

1 comment:

  1. Yes. The joke's on us. Like my teacher says, "the planet is not in peril. We are.".
    Looking forward to more posts.


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