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28 August 2009

St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

Perhaps my number one flu prevention herb would be St. John's Wort (Susun Weed often refers to it as St. Joan's Wort, but it is the same herb). St John or Joan as the case may be is one of the best flu preventive herbs. One dose a day during the flu season is not a bad idea at all. It can also be used when you think you may have been exposed to a virus. I often take St. John's Wort when flying and breathing the recycled air aboard modern aircraft or anytime I feel my immune system needs some gentle help. St. John's Wort is anti-viral above all else. It can also be used once you've come down with the flu and will greatly reduce the symptoms, especially that body ache that comes with fever. Well known for helping ease depression and especially seasonal depression, St. John's Wort is less well known as an anti-viral. Used in tincture format made from the fresh flowering tops of the plant is most effective. Easy to make, this tincture is also available in a number of places. I like Red Moon Herbs, but the best thing is to make your own! St. John's Wort captures the essence and warmth of the summer sun and brings it into your body into the deepest, darkest places where the viruses live! Great for eliminating Herpes as well as even more serious viruses like HIV - this is a powerful yet gentle herb. I had seasonal depression for many years, yet after taking St. John's Wort for just one winter, I was no longer troubled and actually felt (and continue to feel) energetic and happy during the December darkness! It seems as if my brain has been rewired! The oil (flowers infused in olive oil) is great as a sunburn preventive and also to ease burns of any kind. There are a thousand and one used for this plant so go and discover some new ones!

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