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05 January 2010

A Most Unsual Lavendar Plant

I planted a small herb garden on June 21, 2009. I remember being outside all day digging in the pouring rain. I didn't mind as it was a warm rain and one of the plants I put there was a Lavender bush. This particular plant lasted a long time, through early January. I so wanted to harvest some of it, but since it was it's first year in this garden, I didn't want to take too much until it got nice and settled in, and I just kept marveling at how it seemed to tolerate the cold and even snow, so I left it alone. It may well be an English variety. I wasn't aware that there are French varieties that don't tolerate cold well and English varieties that do. Remember most of my experience is with weeds, not cultivated plants!

The following picture was after the first snow we had in early December. The ground hadn't yet frozen, and this little plant was still enjoying life, giving off a great fragrance amidst the snow. I will be anxiously awaiting the spring to see how this little one does for the second year.

I kept the herb garden smallish, just as a reminder of the summer. I've got some mints in there and the aforementioned Lavender bush and a more vine like Lavender plant. I also had some basil which was the first to go when the cold weather came in.

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