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03 March 2011

Into The Mystic

"We are indeed on a shaman's journey, mere children struggling to become technicians of the sacred. We are learning how to deal with the plasticity that is part and parcel of a universe in which mind and reality are a continuum, and in this journey one lesson stands out above all others. As long as the formlessness and breathtaking freedom of the beyond remain frightening to us, we will continue to dream a hologram for ourselves that is comfortably solid and well defined."
-Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe
(page 302)

The Text from a Parallel Universe

I'm dreaming my friend Matt is texting me, something he learned at a poetry reading; he has to tell me something important. I see him texting me as I am receiving the text and reading it simultaneously. I see each letter and word as they appear on his screen and mine. I know the content of the message before he finishes writing it.

"Wherever You Are Is Everywhere"

It is as if our lives have already happened; they play out on a screen as we watch and comment among ourselves (the players in the movie on the screen) as the events unfold. Before the action even takes place we (the watchers) know what will happen.Yet we (the actors) still go through with the story unfolding on the screen. We (the watchers) are at least once removed from the players in the unfolding drama. When watching we observe ourselves out of time and space; we only experience time and consequences of our actions on the little screen, not as we watch ourselves. We observe from some place of non-consequence nor judgment.

"Wherever You Are Is Everywhere"
"Whomever You Are With Is Everyone"
"Wherever You Are Is Everywhere"

"How Can I be Late When I am Everywhere?"

Why do we need to do what we do if everything has already happened? Why do we need to act everything out on this stage if we are (at least) once removed from it all, watching it unfold while knowing already what has happened as it happens, as we act it all out in this life/time/space and watch and comment on it with other players (always the same people by the way) in the drama, also once removed from the actual unfolding of events?

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