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03 September 2011

September 11, Ten Years Later: From Ground Zero to Comet Trails

The comet Elenin, named after the Russian mathematician and amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin who discovered it on December 10, 2010, is currently passing through our solar system. Elenin will be closest to the sun right around September 10-11, and then travel toward the earth throughout September until late October when Elenin moves away from the earth forever; earth's orbit will take us through the stardust trail left by the comet's wake in November. As if we needed any other markers of the tenth anniversary of 9-11, there will also be a blazing full moon in New York City on September 11, 2011.

Comets have long been associated with paranormal, miraculous or even catastrophic events. The births and deaths of rulers were often foretold with the advent of a comet, but my favorite comet story has to be when Mark Twain used one to announce the date of his death: I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: "Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together." He did in fact go out with that comet.

Regarding Elenin, many Internet theories have been put out there featuring the usual doomsday scenarios and conspiracy theories while mainstream scientists say, of course, it's just a little comet, and not a big deal as space stuff goes.

Richard C. Hoagland, alternative thinker, scientist and underground philosopher, has gone on George Noory's popular radio show Coast to Coast AM saying he believes Elenin could be a time capsule or even some type of space-ship sent by our long-departed ancestors just as their world was crumbling under the weight of some natural or unnatural disaster that wiped out most of the human species and all it's very advanced technology many thousands and thousands of years ago.

This thought form that our ancestors once lived in civilization that was much more technologically sophisticated and advanced in every way, and all at once some catastrophe, perhaps even an asteroid, wiped this advanced civilization off the globe (and we had to start over just to get to the point at which we are now) is rather widespread.

Even the Bible contains similar ideas, first with the notion of a Garden of Eden or Paradise from which man and woman were forever expelled, then forced to fight for survival in a harsh world of suffering and pain, and later with the story of a great flood wiping out almost all of the earth's population and animals.

Science will admit something, maybe an asteroid, wiped out the dinosaurs and drastically changed the climate in an instant. There is in fact scientific evidence of dramatic climate change in ancient times. Even the idea of Atlantis, this once great, but now long-lost civilization, goes back at least as far as ancient Greece.

I once knew a legendary shaman who informed me in the "old days" humans had incredible powers, such as telepathy and the ability to move huge objects with their minds--he knew how the pyramids got built! In fact there were similar sites all over the world, places often marked by huge stones where people of all tribes would gather to work healing miracles. Their technology and even their spirituality were so far advanced from where we are now. And again, it has taken us all these thousands of years just to rebuild to this point, a mere shadow of our former glory. Back then the "technology" was actually inside of us, not outside as in all our hi-tech gadgets--we were interconnected to it in ways we can't imagine today.

No one really know what happened, but I suspect the way of life these ancients lived became unsustainable much like our current human activity on the planet.

So here we are about to fall off the proverbial cliff once again.

Hoagland theorizes that just before their demise our ancient relatives left us a time capsule or some other way of sending out information, sacred space-scrolls if you will, in an attempt either to tell us what happened to them, what is going to happen to us, or even to help us prevent it from happening again. We are at the point they were once at--a moment or two before the end. Elenin is that time capsule.

Astronaut William Anders took this picture from space in 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission. Named "Earth Rising" it became one of the most famous and influential photographs ever. So that's how we look from out there. If you look closer though the scene changes dramatically.

At the very least I am willing to see Elenin as a celestial memorial to September 11. Since the comet is showing up right around the tenth anniversary, I can't help but make such connections. You may or may not forgive (better yet accept) the holographic model I embrace, but I look for meaning in everything I see.

Going back ten years now, I'll never forget the funerals I witnessed in New York City during the fall of 2001. I rode the bus on Fifth Avenue past St. Patrick's Cathedral almost every day back then, and there were what seemed like never-ending funerals and memorial services for the fire-fighters and police officers killed the morning of September 11. These rituals went on for months and months. Sometimes more than one in a day. The tragedy was not lost on me. But can you possibly imagine that level of suffering expanded on a global scale, multiplied exponentially? Exported to millions instead of thousands?

Since the deaths of approximately three-thousand Americans on that terrible day, over one million seven-hundred thousand people have been killed or seriously wounded as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The total cost of the war to the United States at the time of this writing is over 1.2 trillion dollars.

But never mind the plans of the Bush/Cheney administration, a bunch of rejects from the Vietnam Era who were seeking some sort of shadow redemption for the failures of the nation's foreign policy in Vietnam, revisiting a disastrous policy that would now be inflicted again, like a bad Hollywood sequel to a bad film, on the world, I knew we were in trouble one day shortly after the attacks while sitting at a community table at a famous vegetarian restaurant in lower Manhattan and these hippie/vegan types, over their tofu and sprouts, were literally calling for the blood of those who had done this to their city. I was left speechless. Shortly after that I started eating meat again.

After that unsettling dinner I went home to New Jersey to my favorite beach on the Jersey shore. Once there I could still see the dust and smoke clouds from the attacks drifting past the tranquil waters--that trail went on for miles and miles. The air eventually cleared, but the toxic shadow we as a nation fell into has not passed. Do we now seek stardust or ashes?

Like a portal to a chaotic new existence, the destruction of the twin towers has taken our world in a direction no one could have predicted, mostly because of the war that followed. War breeds chaos and a never-ending war never ending chaos. What so many feared would happen during the transition from 1999-2000, actually happened in a different way in 2001.

Even as our economy continually teeters on the brink of disaster, and the climate becomes more unstable, not simply from warming but rather human activity, mainly deforestation and destruction of wetlands, we have done very little to alter our destructive impact on the earth's eco-systems. In fact we've plunged even further into denial of the obvious--the manner in which we humans are living on this planet is not sustainable. But we resist change until the end.

I need to ask how we allowed our government continually to exploit the memory of the victims, the heroic acts of the first responders, the NYPD and NYFD, and all the dedicated and fearless ground zero workers--and later the unwavering commitment and sacrifice of our all-volunteer military--and used these people up like they were nothing more than disposable machinery? And the rulers of our country gave nothing back. They still won't even cover the cancers first responders suffered as a result of their exposure to the toxins at ground zero--that these heroes even have to fight for these benefits is completely absurd. During that time period, immediately following the attacks, we were all completely manipulated by fear and through strong-armed tactics, as the Congress passed restrictive legislation seeking to impose a system of complete control over every aspect of our lives. Now it is common practice to grope six-year-old children and senior citizens in wheelchairs at airports. Like submissive animals on the way to a slaughterhouse, we take our shoes and belts off and submit to these personal intrusions all in the name of security and the war on terror, one the very leaders and civilian planners exploited for their own financial and political gain. All the while we were worried about anthrax in the mail and dirty bombs going off in the subway, the rape of our economy was just getting ramped up. The denizens of wall street that were almost destroyed by the terrorists now decided to destroy the rest of us with their never ending casino finance games, ultimately taking everyone down with the crash of 2008, and ending with the greatest transfer of wealth in human history during the Bush and Obama bailouts--more like an absurd and absolute mockery of all the best values that motivated our founding fathers and mothers to create this nation in the first place!

As we focused our attention on the threat from a small number of terrorists, our own government destroyed what was left of the country from within. All the while the greatest threat to our ultimate security, the destruction of our planet, goes on unchecked and even accelerated.

Since September 11, 2001 there has been more greed, corruption, violence, slavery, exploitation and terror than at any point in human history. War has not honored the memory of the fallen in any good way.

Perhaps the war did make us safer in an immediate way--we did bring the fight to them rather than have them take it here, but is it a lasting, sustainable peace or more Carthaginian in nature? However long we are able to enjoy the fruits of all that blood, the cost we've paid and will be paying for the rest of our lives is dramatic and all encompassing: we are now an intellectually stagnant, completely cynical, economically bankrupt nation where constant political bickering is all we've got left--a nation left rudderless with no vision and no creativity, drained of its vital life force. Worse than all this,we are left without the resources (both financial and psychological) to address the really difficult and important problems we must now face. If the current state of affairs continues,where will be ten years from today?

Maybe Elenin really is a cosmic memorial for the fallen and even a way of accessing information from the ancient ones, information that can lead us toward wholeness. Maybe we can still choose to ascend through comet trails and fly with the souls of our holy ancestors and the departed, experiencing the wonders of the galaxy, rather than remaining trapped in the never-ending cycle of violence and suffering passed down from generation to generation our egos seem to crave so desperately.

I see the flash of the comet trail as the majesty of the spirits of our departed ancestors, visiting us once again, allowing us the grace of another chance to turn things around. Let's not take this grace for granted.


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