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26 October 2011

Regarding Crohn's Disease

One of the key points I find in Susun Weed's book Healing Wise is that any and all "disease" manifests uniquely in each individual, not the other way around—as science often sees the individual morphing into the disease! You are not a disease or a diagnosis, but a person who is manifesting this "disease" in a very unique and personal way—no matter the similarities you might share with anyone else who might have Crohn's Disease, your situation is unique to you and what might work for someone else may or may not work for you.

In a sense there are no diseases in Susun Weed's philosophy, only the disease as it manifests uniquely in the individual—this is a fine but important point. Whenever we're addressing something like Crohn's disease, or any chronic condition for that matter, we don’t want to ignore this observation.

Keep in mind the goal of the Scientific tradition is to return you to normal life as you were, but in this case normal life might have contributed to the problem. Let's promote healing that will make you better than you were before!

Let’s address the chronic inflammation associated with Crohn's and the nourishment required to promote healing. We want to add in foods and lifestyle choices that lower inflammation and increase nourishment, allowing our bodies to heal.

After a certain amount of time—hours, days, months and even years, each and every cell in the body is made new again—in essence we can remake our bodies cell by cell over time—we can heal through simple choices and time becomes our ally.

Consider Including:

Raw Diary Products
Few foods are more health promoting than raw diary, milk, cheese, ghee, kefir, yogurt—when from organic and especially raw milk, these foods promote healthy flora in the gut; this healthy bacteria is the building block for intestinal health as well as a strong immune system--bring more of these foods into your diet. I've written a lot about Birchwood Farm Diary—check them out! This is the starting place for healing Crohn's!

Grass Fed Beef
Will help restore your strength and vital energy that has been depleted by the stress of the disease. Loaded with nutrients and healthy fats--only from organic sources--can be found in many stores now a days. If the beef is too hard to digest, try the soups listed below.

Nourishing Soups (Beef Bone or Marrow soup)
See a recent blog I've written on this soup.

Wild Salmon
Stay away from farm-raised, but the wild salmon is a very healing food; contains Omega-3 fatty acids which lower inflammation.

Dandelion Greens
Super healing power for your GI tract! Great with other mixed greens, like spinach, and topped with herbal vinegars and extra virgin olive oil—add cheese and apples, tomatoes, pears, anything really—make a super salad! Just don’t eat salads raw—when you put olive oil on them, they are in a sense "cooking."

Saturated Fat from Organic Sources
A very valuable source of good health—much maligned and overlooked in today's modern culture.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
They turn off inflammation!

St. John's Wort Tincture
An herb that is anti-inflammatory—can be used liberally! Try to get the tincture made from the fresh flowering tops.

Motherwort Tincture
Stops cramps and spasms.

Wormwood Tincture
A great digestive aid, use sparingly though, has hallucinogenic effects! Great for alleviating gas and bloating, best used after eating, a small dose (5-10 drops) in a glass of water. Instant relief.

Herbal Vinegars
A real super-star of nutrition and healing. Red Moon Herbs sells them or you can make your own—see my blogs.

You must have nourishing restorative sleep—that means no light and no technology in the room. Turn everything off, sleep in the dark. Make your bed a sanctuary for healing.

Vitamin D
The sun is good for anything that ails you as vitamin D is very important in healing chronic conditions.

Stinging Nettle, Red Clover and Oatstraw Infusions
Turn off inflammation and promote healing. They are super herbs for anyone wanting to heal Crohn's.

Lowering Stress
Energy Healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs), Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, animals gentle yoga (vinyasa). Spending time with animals lowers stress, but really be with them, not talking on the cell phone and barely noticing them.

Consider Avoiding:

All Vegetable Oils
The great bane of modern civilization—avoid them at all costs! Only use extra virgin olive oil.

A substance almost no one can digest.

Non-Organic Diary or Meat
Can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Processed or Cured Meat (anything with nitrates/nitrites)
Really bad for your GI tract.

Artificial Sweeteners
Some of the worst stuff on earth.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
Destroys your digestive system.

Soy Products
Bad in general unless fermented like Miso or Tamari.

Processed Foods
They have a lot of the bad stuff on this list.

Raw Foods/Cold Foods
Too tough to digest!

High Carbohydrate Foods
Grains and things made from them are generally not great—if you must have bread, try spelt bread or bread made from sprouted grains.

Creates inflammation in any cell it touches.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Don't put your laptop on your lap—use a speakerphone when talking on the cell, avoid wireless zones, especially where you sleep!

Either of these lists could be much, much longer! These are just some ideas. I'd be happy to take questions or to discuss this further. E-mail me or post comments.


  1. I have severe Crohn's disease I have had all of my colon removed and have had over 1/3 of my sm instestine removed leaving me w/ my 2nd and permenant ileostomy, and short gut syndrome. I have also developed RA and fibromyalgia. How do I find these things like Motherwort tincture and wormwood tincture?

  2. The best Motherwort and Wormwood Tincture I know of is sold by Red Moon Herbs. Go to


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