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22 October 2011

A Visit to Birchwood Farm Diary

A Visit to Birchwood Farm Diary

On a damp, late October afternoon I stopped for a moment at one of the front paddocks at Birchwood Farm Diary in Newtown, PA, fast becoming one of my favorite places! The damp chill of the day was overshadowed by the rising warmth of the pasture and that wonderful smell of cows in a field. Like steam rising from dung, the aroma of a warm, happy life permeates this place.

Cows have brought such amazing gifts to the human species, we should have more respect for them and let them live as nature intended, eating grass and having space to roam around, like they do at Birchwood Farm Diary.

This particular cow was unconcerned with my observation and perhaps unaware of the happiness I felt at being able to go to a farm that specializes in raw diary products, which despite their incredibly healthy effects, are actually illegal in my home state of New Jersey!

The aroma wafting from that field, a mixture of mud and dung and sweet hay and mist in the last days before the first frost, summer hanging on for a few more precious hours, made me thankful for the cows and thankful to be alive, nothing more and nothing less.

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