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22 January 2012

The Main Difference Between Congressman Ron Paul and President Barack Obama

Obama's brand of socialism seeks to establish a safe and comfortable national state of mediocrity with acceptable (though increasing) levels of servitude to which Americans have become accustomed, whereas Paul's brand of freedom is a tougher sell, implying the unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous, while simultaneously requiring individual responsibility that has limited appeal to the majority of modern-day Americans. 
 Freedom as an American theme is losing out to the (sadly false) notion of security grounded in governmental institutions providing a workable welfare state. The entrepreneurial spirit (imperfections notwithstanding) that helped make America great and practically unique among nations seems to appeal to a smaller and smaller minority of the population as time passes. 
If indeed freedom is just too frightening a concept for humans at this time and place in world history, there will be no shortage of ideologies and politicians willing to usurp what little vitality remains. This is merely an observation rather than a condemnation or approval of one viewpoint over the other, but has freedom outlived it's usefulness for our species?

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