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09 February 2012

More Wintertime Friends

Additional wintertime allies which prove invaluable during the winter months and various winter ailments are
ELECAMPANE (Inula helenium)

 (Use in alcohol-based tincture made from the dried root, approximately 25 drops in a small glass of water as needed.)

Only use when there is an active infection, not for prevention. The best plant I've found to relieve lung congestion. You'll love this herb because she loves to help you breathe when breathing is difficult! An absolutely wonderful pant. You can buy good quality dried root and make your own tincture very easily.


ELDERBERRY (Sambucus canadensis)

I prefer jam or syrup and to use the plant as a healthy condiment--there are also some good commercial syrup preparations designed more for medicinal use too when you need a stronger response, though this is a gentle, soothing upper respiratory ally any way you go. Anti-viral, she'll work great to prevent sickness and to help heal and facilitate easy breathing.


ST-JOHN'S-WORT (Hypericum perforatum)

(Use lavishly in alcohol-based tincture made from the fresh flowering plant tops, anywhere from 50-150 drops in water is the dose as needed throughout the day.)

I've written much about the anti-viral properties of St. John's Wort. Take it before, during, and after your body is attacked by any number of cold and flu viruses.Her abilities to fight seasonal depression are also legendary.

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