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20 May 2013

Many Thanks to Angelina Jolie

While I stated publicly in a previous post how concerned I was about Ms. Jolie sharing her story in that only one dominant thought pattern might emerge in the minds of millions of women concerned about developing breast cancer, that being preventative surgeries may well present a viable and worthwhile first option to pursue, I must admit Angelina Jolie's recent revelation has spurred a nationwide discussion about Breast Cancer. 

This experience isn't just a pink affair with ribbons, walks, and charitable events but a purposeful and powerful sharing of information

So many researchers, scientists, physicians--and common herbalists alike-- have spoken up to offer their experience and wisdom and to say that preventative surgeries are not the only option!

I'm very encouraged and hope the dialogue will continue. 

Red Clover Blossom: A Powerful Ally.

I don't feel any one approach has all the answers but only through an honest sharing may we indeed move the depth of the conversation to another level entirely, one in which people will discover for themselves powerful tools and choices they can make right now that will impact their future health in positive ways. I have seldom if ever previously heard such heartfelt and meaningful discussion in so many different forms of media all at the same time regarding Breast Cancer, and I think it is wonderful.

I can only offer my heartfelt thanks to Ms. Jolie!

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