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02 July 2013

Blueberries and Yogurt: Simple, Yet Miraculous

Combine fresh, local blueberries and organic whole milk yogurt and you have a powerful digestive healer. 

Have it for breakfast or for dessert--but indulge yourself completely on these two foods together when available. Your digestive system will thank you every day.

People suffer from so many digestive issues in these modern times and are given to very strong medical interventions and drugs to offer relief, but these two foods when combined will go a long way toward alleviating all manner of woes. 

How can something so simple have such a profound effect? It seems when we combine the pro-biotics in the yogurt with the fiber and anti-oxidants of the blueberries, a synergy of healing occurs.

Some benefits you may experience:

Enhanced Wellness Regarding Your Immune System

Relief from Constipation/Other Digestive Diseases

Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Great for Brain Health and Heart Health

Lower Your Cancer Risk

Better Mental Outlook 

And so much more. . .Try it and you will be amazed!

It is blueberry season now where I live, so fresh and local are the way to go, but frozen blueberries also contain many of the same benefits. So get your blueberries either way and don't forget the yogurt--make sure it is organic and whole milk whenever possible.

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