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07 August 2013

"Go Vegan": Bill Clinton's Bad Advice

Bill Clinton should stick to politics, a field in which he has few rivals as skilled or successful. 

His latest offering to "go vegan" is just another sad story in a series of celebs giving out bad advice this summer.  

Angelina Jolie certainly comes to mind regarding preventative mastectomies, but in fairness to her, she wasn't telling anyone else to get one--she was just telling her story, though the implication is that thousands of women who admire her and worry about Breast Cancer might also follow suit. 

Clinton, speaking of his dietary transformation from Big Macs to carrot sticks, remarked, "the hardest part wasn't giving up meat and fish, but giving up yogurt and hard cheese" (MSN

Well, let's examine that statement. He had a hard time giving up yogurt--perhaps the most important and health promoting food humans have ever dreamed up. Maybe his body was trying to tell him something! Yogurt is one food virtually guaranteed to extend life and the quality of life, so perhaps his body has more wisdom than his brain. Cigars he's not afraid of, but diary products are truly scary! Of course, the joke is on Bill, for yogurt has no diary in it. 

That's right, yogurt is the end result of bacteria eating up and digesting milk, so what we are left with is an easily assimilated, pretty much lactose-free, super-star of nutrition loaded with healthy fat, calcium, vitamin B-12, potassium, protein and most important, live friendly bacteria cultures

These cultures do a world of good for your digestive system and your immune system, but recent research has even revealed they improve brain health and combat obesity!
As for hard cheese, according to a recent post on Dr. Oz's website, Dr. Oz considers hard cheese one of the three pillars of cancer prevention:  "Studies have shown that people who eat 2 slices of hard cheese a day have an overall decreased risk of developing cancers. These cheeses contain menaquinone, a special form of vitamin K, known as vitamin K2, that inhibits cancer growth. Hard cheeses are typically made with bacteria that ferment and vitamin K2 is a byproduct of that process."  

Please, Mr. President, stick to politics and regarding yogurt and hard cheese listen to your body!

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