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27 April 2014

Talking Weeds' Spring 2014 Guide to Natural, Safe and Effective Remedies for Allergy Sufferers

I've been told by more than one person that the Spring 2014 allergy season is the worst they've ever experienced.

Do you reach for a commercial allergy relief product such as any one of many at your local pharmacy?
No shortage of commercial drugs!
Or are you more inclined to try something natural, without the potential of any dangerous or annoying side-effects?

If you're in the latter category, I offer some of the best natural remedies for providing allergy relief below. 

These are mostly inexpensive or free, time-tested, and completely safe. 

You will need to see what methods work best for you or your loved ones, probably some combination, but I have personally found all of these methods helpful.

Dr. Ron Meola's private stock!
1) Local Raw Honey: In addition to being a Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Meola of Green Brook Chiropractic is also a bee keeper, and he suggests local raw honey once or twice a day in tea beginning in February or March to combat the Spring allergy season. Even though we're past that time, Dr. Meola still feels you will get some positive results from local raw honey, which contains some pollen, thereby acting as an "inoculation" of sorts to send a message to your body that the local pollen is not harmful and your immune system can get used to it and doesn't need to react in a powerful way, what we would call an allergy or allergic response, i.e. increased mucous, itching, sneezing, scratchy throat, chest congestion, difficulty breathing, asthma, headaches, fatigue, etc.

2) Chiropractic Adjustments: Dr. Ron Meola also mentioned the benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments to help with allergy relief, especially the C-2 vertebrae, which when misaligned can contribute to allergy and breathing problems.

"I may sting you, but I promise to heal you too!"
3) Stinging Nettle Infusion: My personal favorite plant for mitigating or eliminating allergies. If you have access to this plant, let it sting you a little bit each day and your body will tone down its immune response to common allergens. If you can't find Nettle growing wild, then drink the infusion made from the dried plant several times a week, especially when suffering from an attack of allergies. Years ago I suffered so terribly from allergies I couldn't cut my grass. A friend gave me a nettle plant and it grew and soon spread in my yard. I let it sting me every day and before attempting to cut the grass, and soon I had no allergic response at all and could breathe wonderfully. The stinging produced enough irritation for my immune system to be busy and forget all the pollen and dust and whatever else was causing me distress.

4) Red Clover Infusion: As with any flower, Red Clover cools and quiets inflammation and soothes the lungs too. Red Clover also thins the blood boosting circulation and lung function. Try this infusion, alternating with Nettle, every other day, several times a week.

5) Add Yogurt and Kefir to Your Diet: The best ally for your immune system are foods that contain probiotics, the friendly bacteria. The more the better. I eat some yogurt and/or Kefir with almost every meal like a delicious desert that helps digestion and builds up that powerhouse of friendly bacteria.

6) Raw Milk: The best respiratory ally ever  is milk and dairy products and raw milk is queen of all remedies. You may not have access to this healer, so go with the yogurt and Kefir mentioned above, but if you do have access to raw milk, a few cups a day will greatly aid your immune and respiratory systems.

For more info on Mullein click on this link!

7) Mullein Infusion: The ultimate lung ally is Mullein. This beautiful and majestic looking plant will sooth and gently clear out your lungs. When you're really suffering with congestion in your lungs, this furry healer is a lifesaver. Use only when there is a problem and strain the infusion very well. A few cups a day should do the trick. Dried Mullein can also be burned and the smoke inhaled for quicker relief.

8) Osha Root Tincture: 5-10 drops in a small glass of water will quell the body's histamine response for several hours. This isn't a "cure" but it can provide temporary relief from particularly bad bouts of any allergic response--this includes food allergies and even an asthma attack. Don't use it too often though or the benefits will be less noticeable.

9) Elecampane Root Tincture: Another legendary herbal lung ally--use 25-50 drops in water to aid the lungs when they are in a state of congestion and disease. Repeat if needed, but stop when the congestion clears.

10) Acupuncture Treatments: Acupuncture is world-renown to help allergy sufferers, so you may want to give it a try. Find someone who practices TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The needles don't hurt ethier. You'll likely relax and fall asleep.

11) Avoid Neti Pots! People tend to get freaked out about mucous in their nasal passages, but the worst thing you can do is remove it artificially. That mucus contains anti-bodies to whatever ails you. The forced cleansing as with a Neti Pot is going to weaken your immune system and make your more susceptible to allergies and colds and viruses as well.

12) Avoid Anti-Bacterial Soaps and Excessive Cleaning: This is a huge factor in the increased rates of asthma and allergies. Our homes are too clean and the anti-bacterial soaps are particularly bad. Our immune systems need something to do. Living in a  sterile environment does not allow any exercise for our immune systems and they go ballistic when presented with any invader, however benign . Dirt-free environments are especially bad for young children.

Notice we have empty dirt and no weeds!

13) Avoid Pesticides in and Around the Home: Can't stress this enough. Forget those notions of a green lawn and really go green! Just stop using pesticides around the home. Besides, we here at Talking Weeds eat those plants, so why in the world would we want to spray toxic chemicals on them?

Across the street where they don't spray, we have numerous healing and edible plants, like Dandelion and Violet.

14) Get More Rest: The more quality sleep you get, the better your body will be at fighting off any illness or malady and this includes allergies. People find they suffer more from allergies when very tired, so get some extra rest during allergy season. Naps are great too, just not too long--20-40 minutes in the middle of the day works well.

15) Quercetin with Vitamin C: Well known within the alternative (or heroic) health community, the Bioflavanoid Quercetin works when combined with Vitamin C to lessen the body's histamine response, much like Osha Root; you'd probably need to take about 500 mg. several times a day.

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  1. This has been one of the most necessary and helpful posts I've read on the subject this season--and yes, it's been a rough season so far! Thanks so much for this great information, Marc.


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