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27 January 2015


Herbal Infusions
Oatstraw, Nettle, Linden Flower

Herbal Tinctures
Motherwort, Hawthorne Berry, St. John's Wort

Greens, Healthy Fats Including Animal Fats From Organic Sources, Seasonal Delights, Sea Salt

Qi Building Exercise
Gentle Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditative Walking

Stay in Bed Long Enough to Travel Through Two or Three Sleep Cycles a Night

The Power of Saying NO
One of the Healthiest Words to Heart Healing for the Over-Burdened

Prayer and Meditation
Inner-peace Nourishes the Heart Muscle and the Metaphorical or Energetic Heart Too

Healing Repressed Anger
Stuck Anger is Poison, Flowing Emotions Healing
Channel Them in a Positive Way

Live in Truth
Lies are Toxic to the Heart

Nourish The Nervous System/Kidney/Adrenals
Rest and Rebuild the Electrical Grid/Infrastructure That Moves Your Qi

Nourish The Lungs
Trees, Breath, Deep Greens in Nature and on our Dinner Tables

Build Blood, Enhance Circulation
Red Clover Infusion, Moving Qi, Rebuilding the Blood with Healthy Meats

Remember/Rediscover Your Connection to all of Creation

Teach Us to Give and Receive Love and Compassion

Experience Joy and Wonder They Share

Ultimately at the Center of Everything in this Discussion
Discover That the Metaphorical Heart is Actually Real!

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