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10 October 2015

Mass Shootings/Thought Forms and Cultural Patterns

Those who dabble in dream interpretation will often say a recurring nightmare is a message seeking expression and understanding, and once that message is received the nightmare often ends.

I see at least four important archetypes/energy forms (cultural patterns) and the questions they raise regarding the ongoing real-life nightmare of mass violence in schools and other public places.

1. The Emergence of the Murder/Suicide: People seeking self-destruction, complete annihilation, become bound to take other innocent people with them, while also being very demonstrative and communicative about the whole process, often leaving behind a paper trail of some sort.  

This murder/suicide archetype expresses itself in many relationships, not only literal murder/suicides, but people who seek to share their pain as a means of forced bonding, demanding the connection to the "other" be acknowledged often only made real when harm is done.

Have we used this "sickness" as a form of bonding and why would we choose to remain mired in this destructive and completely counterproductive paradigm?

2. Instant Communication, Lacking Depth or Critical Thought: The world we live in has become a place of instant, viral news, events made known to whole world in a moment, but without any depth or true understanding; the details of the incident become a kind of symbolism, but the interpretation of those symbols reveals who has power in the communication relationship, even unfettered social media hasn't completely impacted the official story as is so often disseminated by agreed upon authority figures.  

We have to pay attention to every detail while also realizing the story is being shaped by those who package the information. It is now our personal responsibility to dig deeper and not to accept the most superficial or obvious description/explanation.  You know for certain if any politician or lawmaker uses these incidents to self-promote or shape policy, he or she is obscuring any deeper meaning, thereby bypassing action that would likely promote real change.

3. The Emerging Hero: One who risks everything or sacrifices himself or herself to save others; to shed one's blood so another can live. In the heat of the moment these people arise. Their energy is really the mirror opposite image of the murderer, taking on the opposite energy of self-sacrifice and service to others: "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends" (John 15:13)  

Ask yourself if the people you let into your life on an intimate level would die for you; conversely, would you die for them? If the answer is no, why have you let them enter into your energy field? Your body? The most vital aspects of your legal and professional life?

4. Time Forever Altered: Since 9-11, every moment is our last; our past, present and future are all contained within each super-charged instant and we must be more conscious and careful of this new reality. 

Taking an approach to awareness and consciousness that every moment is in fact eternity, ask ourselves, how do we wish to spend this eternal moment? Having bad thoughts about someone? Mired in pettiness? Anger or small-minded ego? Or would we choose a more loving expression or blessed legacy to leave behind? If we knew this moment was our last, how might we wish to be remembered for all eternity, how would we act in this one lasting, eternal fraction of time if the world were watching, or even if we were able to watch ourselves from some parallel universe?

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