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12 August 2009


Mugwort/Cronewort (Artemisia Vulgaris) Is one powerful dream herb! Just having it near you when you sleep is enough to bring on powerful, vivid dreams. I was in the process of clearing some from a small garden area a few weeks ago and just cutting down and handling the plants opened up a new window of dreams for me starting that night onward. I decided to dry the portions I cut down for future use; last night I brought the dried plants into the house and my dream life woke up last night in a big way - hours and hours of dreams, I seemed to return to at will, full of colors, and lots of animals - always animals in my dreams. I made vinegar from the same bunch earlier in the year, though I may have waited too long as it is pretty bitter stuff (best to make vinegar from the smaller leaves). But what else would I expect from a family of bitters? I may use the dried herb for dream pillows later in the fall.

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