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06 August 2009

More on Nettle

Think about how much pain, anxiety and depression are caused by separation, first from the Divine, often from loved ones, some known to us and many we’ve yet to meet but somehow still long for, from dreams, the gulf between what is and what could be, from the higher version of ourselves, that better person we aspire to become, yet the times when we fall short are mostly what we hold onto in our minds or are reminded of by others seeking control over our pain. This separation is the hard, cold reality of life. So many of our relationships are forged from pain; we are bound together by our wounds, yet we seem to be left only with scars; this experience is what we call the real world, yet it is no more or less real than any dream or parallel reality. The pain itself becomes the thing to which we attach because it links us to the loss, and at least (I tell myself) if I hold onto the thought of the thing I’m missing (even in shadow form via suffering), there is still some link to it, like the memory of a dear one who’s no longer with us. Suffering is probably the most common experience of human life. Every illness is about pain. Every treatment about pain relief. Nettle transforms pain and moves us through it to the other side. Nettle makes the synapse fire, bridging the gap, providing the electricity that sparks movement. Nettle creates waves of bliss that level the valleys of doubt. The pain and suffering now transform us. We take in the power of Nettle and become one again. We take in pain and exhale bliss. Nettle is a green house of strength and reassurance. Nettle brings the minerals of the earth up out of the ground and back into our blood so we remember where we came from, and we don’t just know it intellectually, we experience it.

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