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04 August 2009

Raw Milk

A friend got me interested in raw milk about a year ago, and I'm really hooked! I don't know how many of you have ever experienced the joy of raw diary products, but it is a sad state of affairs that many of us are so often removed from real foods and their nourishing properties.Now raw milk is not sold for human consumption in New Jersey, so I must travel across the Pennsylvania state line to obtain my illegal treasure. I feel like a rum runner with a milk mustache. Imagine I can buy a case of whiskey and drink myself to death, but raw milk, now that's dangerous stuff. I have the good fortune of being only an hour's drive away from Birchwood Farms in Newtown, PA (just outside of New Hope). I love supporting local farmers and Birchwood has a lot to love. They've got all kinds of products mostly centered around their grass fed Jersey cows. Cows are supposed to eat grass by the way, so much of he so-called dangers of eating meat is because of the factory farmed product -- in reality meat is an incredibly healthy food in small quantities! Well, back to the milk: raw is the way to go. The short story of raw milk is that it makes you feel so good: You get strength and vitality from the living energy of the milk. Much of that life force is unfortunately lost during pasteurization. I fully understand the issues the modern world faced regarding the necessity of feeding millions and millions of people, but we lost the health benefits of so many common foods due to over-processing. Foods that were once healthy and life giving became disease producing. Cancer and heart disease were rare until the 2oth century when the modernization of the food industry really took off. Instead of going large, like the Soviet Union collectivist model of the 1930's, they should have gone small and local and organic.

Much like vaccines, the theory behind the over-processing of food (milk in this case) is that we must look out for the greater number of people; we must standardize everything to the max. If any product (or disease) could potentially harm someone, something must be done about it, even if that preventative action harms (or kills) some of the people. If the greater number of people are protected (or have the illusion of protection) then that's all that matters. Always give up freedom and individuality for security. Words like standard, average, normal, preserved, dead come to my mind. The premise is that people are not really free individuals capable of making their own decisions in a democracy. We are wards of the state and the state always knows best. Maybe all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and easily absorbable protein in the raw milk have made me crazy, but I'd rather place my trust in an honest farmer and cow than the government. Talk to others about raw milk and you'll likely hear stories of children whose lives have been saved, how allergies go away, how vital and resilient one's immune system becomes when offered such super nutrition. People come from hundreds of miles away to get the stuff and gladly pay much higher prices, but before you freak out about spending 7.50 for a gallon of milk (I pay about 5-6 for a gallon of organic, pasteurized milk in my local grocery store anyway), I would ask you to consider the true cost of a product rather than simply the bottom line. What is health and vitality worth to you and your loved ones? I urge you to explore places like Birchwood Farms to see for yourself. You won't believe the difference.

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