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05 August 2009

Seven Health Myths You Probably Thought Were True

1) The sun is bad for you. How'd they ever sell this crap to our fine species? I once heard a Dermatologist on TV telling people to put sunscreen on every day of the year - in the winter in New Jersey, when you're walking outside for the 15 seconds it takes you to get from your front door to your car because "all sun exposure is damaging". Not getting sun exposure is much more damaging. The sun is essential for healthy brain chemistry and regulating your body's day/night rhythms so you sleep well, and sleeping well prevents a great many diseases. If you wear sunscreen, you lose the vitamin D you would have gotten. Vitamin D prevents cancers like breast, prostate, lung and colon. We have an epidemic of depression in this country, and I think a lot of people would be helped by getting more sunshine. If you're afraid of skin cancer, eat more anti-oxidants because that's the best (and only?)way to repair mutations in your DNA, no matter the cause. So go out in the sun without sunscreen (15-30 minutes a day, more if your skin isn't so fair) and eat your blueberries!

2)Raw or slightly cooked (less cooked) foods especially vegetables are the healthiest. Not true. if you are cooking veggies and you do not break the cell wall of the plants, you get no minerals from the food. How do you know if the cell wall is broken? The broccoli gets soft and loses it's firmness, for example. So cook your veggies a while; one healthy way is to make soups where you throw everything but the kitchen sink in there and cook slowly for a long period of time. The water you cook something in should get dark; then you know the minerals are in there. Your teeth and digestive processes can not break the cell walls of the plants, and all you're getting from that expensive organic kale is a bit of fiber and nothing else - you'd get vitamins as well if you grew it yourself, but if it was shipped 3000 miles, the vitamins would likely be long gone too. Remember there are also ways to "cook" without heat. What happens to a salad when you put olive oil on it? Is fruit that has naturally ripened well soft or hard? How about frozen fruit? What happens when it starts to melt some?

3)Cell phones/electromagnetic waves are harmless. Sorry about this one. Cell phones should never be worn on your body, and if you have anything other than a short conversation, use a headset and not a wireless one either. If you have wireless Internet network in your home, take it out. Children's exposure should be minimized. Many countries have either banned children from using cell phones completely and/or banned cell towers near schools. The epidemic of ADD may in fact be related to children's exposure to all this radiation . We are literally frying our kids' brains.

4)Vitamin supplements are good for you. Most vitamins are complete crap and probably do more harm than good. At best you spend a lot of money and get little, at worst you are damaging your body with the best of intentions. If you take Vitamin E without the full range of Tocopherols or Vitamin C without the Bioflavanoids that are found in the plants, you are likely promoting cancer rather than preventing it. It is also very hard to absorb most vitamins. Most of the oils people take as supplements are rancid; rancid oil (again) promotes damage to your cardiovascular system and cell DNA. If you must take them, use the liquid forms when available. Women are told to take their calcium supplements. That's great if you want Osteoporosis! We need a wide range of minerals to make our bones strong, not just calcium; you want flexible bones, not simply strong bones! Taking just calcium makes your bones weaker.

5) Diary is bad for you. In our PC country, milk and diary have gotten a bad rap, mostly by a lot of vegan-police and animal rights nut-jobs, and by people who hate women. See my earlier blog on raw milk! The fact is diary products are the healthiest, most life-sustaining foods the human race has ever cultivated - period. Real simple, without cows we wouldn't be here. Yogurt is one of the healthiest and most important foods on the planet. The friendly bacteria yogurt provides is vital for a strong and healthy immune system. Did you know the bacteria in yogurt is strong enough to prevent the transmission of HIV? Have you ever heard some well indoctrinated person tell you "milk is made for baby cows" or "no other species drinks the milk of another species". Really, so if I put out a saucer of cow's milk, my cat won't drink it? The energy behind this anti-milk consciousness is one of complete hatred and disgust for the divine feminine energy; that's what underlies all this nonsense. If you crusade against milk, you probably hate women.

6)Running is a great exercise. For most of us running is a terrible exercise. You need to know how to run properly (most don't), you need the right shoes (most wear anything without regard to the affects on body position), you need to know a lot about nutrition and replacing what you lose while running (most don't), and running on hard surfaces in polluted areas, like most people do, is really punishing and damaging to our bodies over time. Most people don't have the bodies for running anyway - too heavy and big boned. Additionally, running in especially hot weather drains kidney chi and you don't want that. Look at most runners after an hour of running in the heat; unless they are 18, the drawn, drained look on their faces is evident. They are literally sucking the life force right our of their body and shortening their lives, unless they go to great lengths to rejuvenate that vital energy through nutrition and other practices. And marathons? Complete insanity. Gary Null (a world famous writer/film maker and runner from NYC) studied the immune systems of marathon runners; after a race, they had a lower immune response than terminal AIDS patients. Hey, there are way worse ways to shorten your life, so if you crave that runner's high, go for it, but just don't think it's necessarily healthy. If you love to run, get a coach or a trainer to work with you. Make sure your form is correct. Find the right running shoes, do some chi-building exercise like Tai Chi or Yoga and take in antioxidants by the bucket full. Run on grass in parks or woodlands, or by the ocean if possible, not on the gridlocked city streets! But if you're my size, 6'3" 200 lbs, it's probably best to find another exercise.

7)Vaccines are safe and efficacious. This one is old unless you've been living in a cave for the last 20 years. I'm glad parents of small children are catching on to this and questioning the timing and frequency of suggested vaccine schedules and not just blindly following along the prescribed program. I also mention this one because I'm sure they'll be a push for the newest flu vaccine this fall. If you knew of all the dangerous chemicals in some of these vaccines, you probably wouldn't want them injected into your body. Look up Squalene and Thimerosal for starters.

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