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24 May 2010

Nettle Love

Nettle embraces me, a really strong hug, from the inside out, shaking me into life itself. The initial grasp is like an electric shock, a jolt of fire sent up and down my nervous system, from my spine through every branch and nerve ending, electrical flashes firing from the center of my being as if I were just born. My pupils dilate, all black and empty, my mouth stretches for air, and then I breathe deeply from the bottom of my spine to the top of my lungs, filling them completely – a green, sweet, woody essence, now my breath, is given away. My spine is strong yet hollow and flexible, my every vein green leaves branching outward. This life is very painful and very good, like being burned in the hottest fire, but instead of being obliterated, I am still able to feel every aspect of the pain, and it is wonderful and challenging. Pain is just another word to be breathed through. As I glance at my outstretched hands I take in all the energy. My body is buzzing and flickering with the currents;they are connected deep into the earth.

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