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27 June 2010

Violet Leaf Vinegar

In an earlier post, I discussed making herbal vinegars, especially Violet leaf vinegar; well, more than six weeks have passe and I finally tried some Friday night. I have to say the Violet leaf vinegar was the most exquisite vinegar I have ever tasted. It had a sweetness to it that I can't fully describe - there is simply this amazing quality to it. Again, I'm not doing well for a writer, but I can only say I have never tasted anything so wonderful. I believe I put a few blossoms in there, but it was mostly the violet leaves. I only made one small jar because even though I have a good deal of violet in my backyard in the early spring, it still requires a great many leaves to fill even a small jar. Now being just past mid-summer, the Violet is not really thriving anymore - this isn't a plant that loves heat! I'll follow it carefully in the fall to see if the cooler weather brings a revival, and then I will make some more. If not, I'll file this one under the early spring delights category. A rare and wonderful blessing from a very special plant.

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