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23 October 2012

Scorpio Prayer

I will no longer strangle and physically abuse the radiant being the Creator intended to express itself through me existing in this physical form.

I will choose to live more fully, in greater simplicity, no longer fearing the miracle and awesome reality of life, realizing life is good and worthy and enough on its own terms.

In whatever time is left to me in this physical form, I will explore and report the testimony of the witness within, the witness connected to the mysteries of the universe and at the bidding of the Creator expressing my soul's most intimate desires in the process.

I will allow my secret heart its proper place of respect within my life's course.

I will face whatever difficulties and challenges this awareness brings with an open heart and a humble spirit.

I will hope only for grace and mercy and the ability to be more thankful and more helpful.

I will strive to do God's will, starting with the premise that everyone is suffering and my main purpose is to be helpful, to alleviate this suffering as I find it, and to help others with whatever means are at my disposal. If I cannot get close enough to help physically, I will help energetically with prayer and other forms of energy healing.


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