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13 November 2012

Flower Essences with Mark D'Aquila

The following is an interview with Mark D'Aquila, creator of his own Flower Essences. He has a deep relationship with the plants and knowledge of healing. I would encourage any of you to access his wisdom and help if you need it. He has a very generous and compassionate spirit, and I have nothing but praise for the products he has shared with me.  Marc Bonagura

"Preface: Some of what I say in this interview may be new to most of you. So I encourage you all to listen with openness, this will give you a better understanding of the approach because it will be different from what your used to. Flower essences work with our insides, the space within us and what resides in our internal space. They work with the parts that can't be seen, these are our thoughts and emotions. These 'invisible' parts play a big role in our life. Because they are a filter through which we judge and assess life. Could this filter be a determining factor in health and disease? The study of psychoneuroimmunology indicates yes, stress wreaks havoc on our immune system. But you can't point to stress, cut it out and get rid of it. And, what one person finds stressful another person doesn't. Before I continue I must say I do not claim to have the answer to this puzzle. All I know is that the work I do with flower essences has helped people find peace, relief from anxiety, insomnia and emotional trauma etc . . . Are flower essences for everyone? Probably not. Can a lot of people benefit from flower essences? Probably yes."

Q.) How would define what you do?

In simple terms, I work with the 'medicine of flowers', I am a flower essence therapist. Flowers are a unique expression of the plant, their color, shape, size and growing pattern all reflect a healing quality. My work involves understanding this quality and matching it with a persons condition. From there the energy of the flower takes over and works with the person's electrical system to help balance their mind and emotions. As a flower essence therapist I am not interested in the actual condition. I am interested in how you feel and think about your life and your condition because will inform how you will handle your condition.

If you reside in a state of doubt, this doubt will influence how your approach to life and what happens in your life. Two people have the same condition one is doubtful and the other is optimistic who is more likely to succeed? Why? Doubt, fear, anger, anxiety and the like have a low vibration and their converse emotions have a higher vibration. We feel better, function better and make make different choices when we are optimistic and confident. These feelings and choices have a direct impact on our life. Regardless of outside circumstances, how we feel will determine our quality of life, not objects or things. When we realize it is the opposite them and begin to re-evaluate life then things will change. How many people think I will be happier when ___________? When I get the new house, when I get married, when I have a kid. It is always something else and it is always something outside of the self that will bring relief to the self.

In flower essence work we work with the self, its fears, inadequacies, anxieties and the like. We don't judge it fear it turn away from it, we turn towards it and invite it in and then I give the flower essences to the client to support them in regaining their stride. Their natural self worth, strength and courage, these things can not be gotten from outside of us. They are inside of us and flower essences help us to re-connect with them. And, once we re-connect with these feelings and begin to act from this place these feelings get integrated into the personality and become the dominant features and the fear and anxiety fades away.  It may take a few months for all of this to solidify because true change takes time.


Q.)Why do you think so many people are now interested in flower essences?

Because they work, because they are tired of the old paradigm and they are interested in true healing. Flower essences always were and still are at the forefront of a new paradigm of health. They address the mental and emotional aspects of dis-ease, health and healing. These aspects are not such a large part of who we are and our current medical system has not good way to effectively support our emotional and mental well being. Yes, there are drugs but no one is drug deficient so what is the point? And, they are basically band-aids they are not designed to get underneath the problem they are designed to mask the symptoms of a problem. 

The new paradigm that flower essences are part of is centered around total wellness, it addresses areas left out or neglected by the the old paradigm. Flower essences help the user feel come into balance without sacrifice. They address the valid emotional and psychological concerns people have. The key here is balance, it is something all living systems strive for, to function in a balanced state. And, the concept of drugging or cutting(surgery) our way to balance is deeply myopic and does not consider the nuances of the individual. I am aware that there are times when drugs and surgery are needed. What I do want to address is that our medical system needs to expand its vision and tool box. If only for the simple fact that health care costs are rising at an alarming rate and over half of all bankruptcies in the US are do to medical expenses. What I am saying is that flower essences offer an avenue to well being based on mental and emotional balance.

Q.)What are the advantages of flower essences as opposed to drugs for common problems like anxiety or insomnia?

Flower essences are not habit forming and they support the body's natural tendency towards balance. Conditions such as anxiety and insomnia are distinctly emotional/mental in nature, granted excessive caffeine consumption is a factor as well. Flower essences work with the underlying emotions at the root of conditions like anxiety/insomnia.  By directly addressing the underlying emotions flower essences can effectively clear up the root causes. This not only brings relief from the condition being addressed, it also provides lasting psychological and physical benefit.

Prescription drugs are not designed for a person, they are designed conditions.  We have drugs for every condition out there, yet these conditions persist. This makes me really wonder what the heck is going on. If ten people come to me with anxiety, they will go home with ten different formulas specific to their needs. Granted there will be some overlap in the essences I give them, but they will not get ten identical formulas. This is because they are unique and their needs are unique.  A condition like anxiety can have many deep rooted emotional components and it often does. But  benzodiazepines, a class of common anxiety drugs, work with the brain chemistry to calm the symptoms of anxiety. Once the drug is stopped often the condition returns. This is NOT remedial. If a condition returns after the drug is stopped has the drug worked? Has it cured anxiety?

Q.) I've found the essences to be very subtle yet powerful at the same time: Can you speak to this apparent paradox?

This paradox exists somewhere between our expectations and beliefs. In our society we are accustomed to things that are heavy hitting.  And, we measure effectiveness by physical means, so when you take a few drops of flower essences, you don't think much will happen and when it does your surprised. Often the changes that happen are not monumental and are hard to quantify. The changes are often gradual and function somewhere under the radar of conscious awareness.

Many times my clients will report that 'one day the anxiety was gone' as if it came out of the blue. Their relief did not come out of the blue, the changes were happening the whole time, then one day they became aware the changes. The thing is they can't point to a pivotal moment when 'the change' happened. Simply because change is gradual.

Q.) How do you ensure that the products you make are environmentally sustainable?

The nature of the making flower essences has an extremely minimal impact because only a few flowers are required to make an 8oz bottle of flower essence. And, this 8 oz bottle can last for up to 20 years depending on how it is stored and how often it is used."

Q.) If you could communicate one idea to people about flower essences what would it be?

"Flower essences are unique in that they encourage you to connect with your own inner wisdom and guidance system. This is amazing; think about it a system of healing that is designed to strengthen your connection with yourself.  We are a society of seekers and we expect others to have the answer, when the truth is we were born perfect with all that we need and the wisdom to know what we need. But we've been trained to give our power away to look to others, to tell us what to do. But, inside we know what is right and true for us. This is the one of the most important aspects of healing with flower essences, we come back into contact with ourselves. The founder of flower essences Dr. Bach felt that many problems we suffer from was the result of turning away from ourselves. Meaning when you know what is right and good for you, you know it as a feeling. And when these feelings are ignored we make choices that go against our inner truths. This inevitably leads to pain and suffering.  Also sometimes we know what to do but don't feel we have the strength to act on that knowledge. Flower essences are also good for supporting our conviction and resolve to follow what we know what to be true."

Q.) Are you available for consultations?

"Yes, I am happy to help others heal and find relief with flower essences. To find out more please call me at 323-252-8237 or e-mail me at"

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