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03 April 2013

Channeling Infinite Grace: Strengthening the Connection to Our Ancestors

How do we remember our ancestors? How can we continue to feel their presence years or even decades and centuries after their deaths? How can we keep our ties to them going strong while also bridging the gap of time and space, life and death?

I would like to suggest a conscious awareness of creating compassion and channeling grace in everyday acts with an intention to remember a specific ancestor or loved one who has passed--to perform a kind act in memory of someone who has died, someone you wish to remember, like a prayer in action.

Let's say I'm thinking of my father and something kind he did for me or even a bit of advice that has stuck with me and served me well long after his passing. I can honor him by seizing a moment in this current time and space and helping someone else who needs me in some way--whether the help is a small gesture or something larger does not matter--just as long as I willingly and lovingly perform the service, and as I contemplate this act, think for just a moment about my father (in this example), to act in memory and in honor of him. 

We can channel this grace toward any person, really--even animals, plants, trees, earth, anything you feel needs the love you can bring through your intention and service in this moment. In this way we may well transcend time and channel infinite grace independent of the restrictions of our often limited perceptions regarding the veil between life and death.

Try this exercise every day. I really mean it. Don't just read this and think, hey, that's a cool idea--do it!

See what positive changes you can foster in your heart and mind and in the lives of others. 

Perform these acts of kindness and compassion with a conscious reflection, an intention to honor your loved one who has passed or anyone else in your life who has ever offered you love and kindness in any way.

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