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21 November 2013


1. Karma is nonsense. If you want to do something nice for someone, do it for no other reason than to be kind. Thinking, somehow, good energy "returns" to you for all the good you've done is the height of spiritual arrogance. Some of the finest people on earth suffer the worst injustices. Get over this delusion early in life.

2. Your body is not all you are. Stop obsessing over your physical parts. Don't spend hours in the gym. Read more. Nourish your inner being. The physical stuff will all go to hell in a mere few decades anyway. All you'll have left is what lasts--what makes you unique and truly beautiful and honestly loving--connect to those things more than striving for a fit body.

3. Spend time with older people. A little older or a lot older. Don't be so obsessed with your own generation; they don't know jack. You need the wisdom of older people in your life--embrace it.

4. Save your money. You'll need it someday. Trust me.

5. Friends come and go--don't sell your soul to impress them.

6. All work is good. Learn from every job, especially the ones you hate or think beneath you. They're not. Leave your "signature" on everything you do. Be proud of what you put into even the simplest task. Practice working as if there were no outcome or rewards but simply because you want to do something well.

7. Don't go into debt. Ever. For any reason. Borrowing makes you a slave. The life of a slave leaves a lot to be desired.

8. Learn to cook. No other skill in life will bring you more satisfaction. Food is really important.

9. Don't follow fad diets. They're all insane. Any diet that "excludes" something is not by definition nourishing. Healthy eating is about what you add not take away from your diet.

10. If you are the marrying kind, don't put off marriage and children. One of the worst trends to emerge from my generation was delaying marriage and children, in some cases into our late 30s, 40s, and even 50s. A really bad idea on so many levels. 

11. Lose your ego. You're not as special, talented, or amazing as you've probably been lead to believe. That's OK. This realization frees you to be yourself--warts and all. You don't have to be perfect.

12. On the other hand, don't let anyone put you down. If people do put you down, run away from them. Do not allow them into your life anymore. Choose people who uplift you and make you better than you were before they came into your life. Don't let people drag you down.

13.College is overrated. You don't need college to be successful. You need to know how to do something well that other people want and are willing to pay you for. Learn by doing. The idea of apprenticeship is in desperate need of revival. If you know what you want to do, go and sit by the feet of a master and learn the trade.

14. If at all possible, travel. You'll never regret going places and meeting people. But really be there--don't just be a tourist on vacation. Immerse yourself in the place. Hang with the locals.

15. Disconnect from the grid. That includes social media. Go places where you don't carry your cell phone with you.

16. Family is vital. Start with your own. Even if they suck, they will teach you things about yourself you will not learn any other way. Seek to understand the deeper connections you have with these people. Even if they hurt you, you can use everything for wisdom and moving forward in life.

17. Religion is a good thing. Get in touch with yours. My generation coined the phrase, "I'm spiritual, I'm not religious." We should have said, "I'm lazy and undisciplined." If you weren't raised in a religion, investigate the religion of your grandparents or great grandparents. Life will throw things at you, things you will not be able to comprehend or endure without a connection to God. So find yours. Don't leave this for some other day. It is really important.

18. You are only young once. You've got energy and vitality you will never have again at any point in your life. Don't waste it.

Photography by Tim Forrest.

1 comment:

  1. This all sounded really good until #17 when you decided to say that anybody without a religion is undisciplined and lazy. That's really insulting. Having a religion is lazy, because you need to be told what is right and wrong, rather than thinking of it yourself.
    But since you didn't get the memory, pushing religion on people is wrong. Accepting their choices is right.


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