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09 December 2013

Please Help Native American Children at Christmas

This letter was sent me, and I am putting it out there for anyone who might be interested in helping some Native American children have a nice Christmas!

November 25, 2013

Dear dedicated supporter of the Kyle CAP Christmas party,

It’s that time of year again and we have another opportunity to bring joy to many children.  There are hundreds of children looking forward to your gifts every year.

This year’s party is scheduled for December 20th.  Please ship your gifts so that they arrive on or before the 16th of December.  This will allow ample time for the gifts to be sorted by age and gender, and then wrapped by members of the community.  Plan for one week’s shipping time to the reservation.

All gifts are to be new and in the original packaging.  Age groups range from newborn to 18 years.  Please do not wrap the gifts; unwrapped will ensure that they will be distributed to the appropriate age / gender groups.  If able, send along a sufficient amount of wrapping paper, ties, tags, bows &, scotch tape.  Suggestions are: stuffed animals, toys, games, winter clothing, coloring books & crayons, cosmetics, jewelry, CDs, tapes, inexpensive CD players, watches, balls.  Keep in mind that these kids see the same things as your kids or grandchildren see on TV.  If you have specific questions, call (605) 455-2448, 2304 [M – F, Mountain Time]

Since the older kids are the hardest to buy for, gift certificates in small denominations from WalMart are a good idea.  Most years, the gifts were a good mix for all ages, but when one group was lacking, monetary donations were used to ensure that everyone received a gift.  If you prefer to make a donation by way of a check or money order (preferred), make payable to Kyle CAP, send to Attn.of Noreen Two Bulls at the Reservation.

I know it has been an even worse economic year than last year. Please find it within your heart to share with those that are less fortunate than we. Many thanks for your support. Hopefully all of the gifts received will make this Christmas another one to remember. Merry Christmas and Mitakuye Oyasin!
Jerry Bonanno

Send to:          Kyle CAP Christmas Party,                                                                                    
Medicine Route District Service Center,                                                                
Attn: Noreen Two Bulls
PO Box 496 – South Allen Road,
Kyle, SD  57752

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