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08 November 2013

Skullcap: The Great Herbal Sleep Ally

Skullcap (Scutellaria spp); "spp" relates to different varieties of the species. I use tinctures only, no capsules.

Skullcap has been a lifesaver for me regarding its sleep-promoting properties. I've found it is very effective and can be taken over long periods of time without any problems. My dose has been from one to two droppersfull at or slightly before bed time. 

Unlike Melatonin, which can be quite dangerous, Skullcap has no ill effects.

Skullcap works well in conjunction with other therapy such as acupucnture, massage or chiropractic.

Skullcap is particularly effective for those who wake during the night, allowing you to fall asleep again--just stay in bed and you will fall back asleep quite restfully. It may take a little while, but it will happen.

Skullcap is also a headache reliever.

Skullcap soothes tired nerves, great for those whose nervous systems have become over-stimulated.

Works great with Oatstraw infusions drank during the day. 

The best thing about Skullcap is it is not addicting. I took it for over a year once and then as soon as I stopped, I had no trouble falling asleep again. When I need it occasionally, it still works like a charm.

What a wonderful herbal ally.

Please read my earlier blog post on healthy sleep before reaching for any sleep aid; there may be other aspects to your sleep experience regarding the physical environment you may need to work on regardless of what you take or do not take internally.

Note: I also did an earlier blog on herbs for sleep.

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