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17 November 2013

True Heart's Desire: Total Union

When I speak of our heart's desires, I'm really asking a question to explore in the most open, honest, and completely vulnerable way; simply stated, what is at the core of our mission on this earth? Both individually and collectively.

To be in touch with our heart's desire, we must go deep within the mansions of the soul, to reference St Teresa of Avila, to enumerate the longing, to speak words however inaccurate they may be, to see visions of what we seek--often illuminated only in the quietest, darkest times of the night--perhaps only then are we vulnerable enough to visualize or name what we seek, during these dream-like experiences.

Could we ever be this vulnerable in our waking lives? In relationships with others--others which are needed to prompt us to discover these longings?
Against the normal bounds of time and space, what we consider the limits of conscious perception and cognitive function, my waking life is blown away when compared with the euphoric nature of these transcendent experiences--being one with the Creator and the forces of creation.

This oneness has been communicated to me several times in my life in dreams and other out of body experiences, sometimes achieved through mediation, prayer, often with the gentle help of certain herbal allies.

Though different, the experiences share commonalities: incredible warmth, feelings of love, a sense of peace and complete safety.


I had to risk something meaningful to let go of fear, to allow the experience to engulf my sensibilities.

Decades of self-hatred, addictions-- all compulsions--swallowed up by the nearness and connection
to this completely inappropriate lover.

Only through vulnerability am I able to be made whole.

All that was always presumed lost, missing, unattainable, somehow restored.

Complete love, vulnerability and safety.

I wondered if anyone had ever attained this in the waking world?

Have any two ever become one in this way?

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