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24 December 2013

Six Strategies to Help for Almost Any Health Problem

This post is inspired by a student who is troubled with serious health problems and has asked me for help; however, he will not tell me what's wrong!

So how can I offer advice if I don't even know the issue we're dealing with?

A tough one, no doubt, but here are six strategies to help heal ALMOST anything!

1) Eat yogurt several times a day--before meals, with meals, after meals, in-between meals--doesn't really matter when, just do it! Make it organic and full-fat. Over time, the benefits to your body will be nothing short of miraculous--everything from improving digestion to strengthening your immune system to benefiting mental health and so much more.

2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink more water. A great stress is placed upon a body that is dehydrated and many people are chronically dehydrated. If you don't like drinking water, add foods that contain a lot of water, like fruits and vegetables. My favorite is Red Chard cooked in a large pot of water with sea salt; I eat the greens and drink the dark water (or use it later for soup stock), and by the end of the day, I've  hydrated and added important minerals as well. Remember good hydration also requires electrolytes and minerals, not just water.

3) Eat local fruit, in season. Right now, in my neck of the woods we're at the tail end of apple season. For many years I've consumed large amounts of apples in the fall and early winter and have found great benefit to this practice. Do this every season with whatever is local and found in abundance--the fruits will obviously vary greatly depending on where you live, so find local farms and local farmers and learn much about the fruits that have been grown for centuries right in your own backyard.

4) Add a good quality Sea Salt to your diet. Make sure it is minimally processed and from a trusted source such as Selina Naturally.  

5) Enjoy grass-fed red meat in small amounts a few times a week. There are so many vital nutrients in red meat that is grass fed and properly raised, that is without hormones, free range and as close to organic as possible. Don't ignore what a small amount of this wonder food can do for your health. Just don't overcook it!

6) Drink Stinging Nettle Infusion. In an earlier blog post I told you all how to make Nettle Infusion. Well, I could write volumes about the health benefits of this weed. One thing I learned recently from a doctor and noted health researcher is that Nettle increases nitric oxide in the body, and the newest findings indicate nitric oxide is vitally important and much ignored. At the very least, you are going to increase your energy and stamina by increasing naturally occurring nitric oxide, so give Nettle infusions a try--a few times a week for a few months--then tell me how your life has changed! 


Here are just a few Stinging Nettle links:
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