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28 December 2013


Full of minerals and great for relaxing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. Increases oxygen in the blood. Relieves stress! A superstar of herbal tonics.

Great for tonifying the heart. Taken daily over a long period of time, this herb will work wonders for heart function in terms of the strength of the pumping as well as helping the heart maintain a normal rhythm. I love a dose of two droppers-full in water, juice or tea every afternoon when I take my afternoon break. Tastes great with dark chocolate (see below).

Everything about oats is good for the heart, but this infusion is super for those like myself who don't consume many carbs, oats or otherwise. Get all the benefits of oats, like vitamins and minerals and more, without all the carbs! Relaxes the brain and nervous system as well, promoting restful and restorative sleep which is so important for a healthy heart.

Motherwort is a legendary heart ally, just look at the latin name, Leonurus cardiaca--lion heart--especially useful for those with issues regarding abnormal rhythms. Motherwort also relaxes smooth muscles and lowers blood pressure, and this herb even helps with emotional heartbreak! Can be used as a bridge to Hawthorn which is used more as a tonic than an acute ally; what I mean is during the most dangerous and serious aspects of heart disease, Motherwort can literally save your life! Can be used frequently during the day, one or two droppers-full in water. I prefer tincture made from the fresh flowering plant tops. Hawthorn is more of a tonic type of herb; Motherwort more for acute situations. Susun Weed has called Motherwort a "bypass in a glass" because Motherwort can assist the heart in growing new blood vessels around damaged or blocked blood vessels in the heart, (you didn't know your heart did that, right?) like a bypass without the surgery. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. I suppose you would need several months for that process to take shape, so perhaps two or three doses of Motherwort each day for a while until you are out of the danger zone. Then you can switch to Hawthorn and only take Motherwort when needed, in times of stress or when you are otherwise feeling not quite right.

So simple to make, use apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon balm. Decant and enjoy after six weeks. A wonderful tasting vinegar and wonderful for the heart.Every spring I look forward to making this treat.

An obvious yet often overlooked ingredient in heart health is simply staying well-hydrated and that means with electrolytes not just water! Have your afternoon snack of chocolate, Hawthorne Berry tincture or Nettle infusion and add a banana for potassium! I like a banana before bed or even in the night if I wake up.

Enjoy dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa or higher) guilt free! Everyday with my Nettle infusion or Hawthorn tincture in the afternoon, I like a few pieces of dark chocolate; goes well with the berry flavor of Hawthorne and will even mitigate the green taste of Nettle, which some people don't like, but I love it myself.

Seeing the heart as a romantic organ associated with love is not just for poets; there is truth to the notion and nothing better than good old love for the heart, especially the unconditional love offered by animals and children, or even just loving what you do! Having a purpose in life is so important and believing that what you do matters and makes a huge difference. Remember, love will go a long way toward keeping your heart healthy, probably more powerful than all the above combined! If you're all alone in this world, get a dog or a cat!

As long as were addressing emotional issues, if fire were heart disease, these two are like adding fuel to gasoline! Both of these emotional states, which are so common in our society they are like the proverbial water to a fish, will do a great deal of damage to your heart. You must find ways to express and move stuck energy, and matters of grief are like heavy weights upon the chest. I think this is harder for men, as women tend to cry easier and express emotional distress outwardly, whereas men repress it. Is that why men get more heart disease than women? Find a safe place and release what is troubling you. The anger will kill you as well, but we often don't even know we have repressed anger because it masquerades as other issues, especially depression. Taking a pill to suppress further your depression will only make things worse. Work on the anger, as difficult as it may be, you won't regret it. Hearts can literally explode if the energy isn't flowing, but the energy isn't the problem, the stagnation is. Remember, "stuff" happens to everyone--that's the price of being alive. The trick is not to hold onto what befalls you. Think of water on a duck's back. If you're really baffled as to how to approach this difficult process, try prayer, meditation, and even Acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Long slow walks in nature disconnected from all technology aren't bad either. If you must get therapy, stay away from drug pushers and go for the talk therapy.

Notice I didn't say anything about going to gym?

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