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24 January 2014


A panel of leading researchers has been invited by the NFL to gather for a round table discussion on head injuries including Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (or CTE) and the lasting affects of repeated head trauma for current and former professional football players and their families and caretakers, including a special one-hour segment directed toward these injuries in United States military veterans.

The four-hour telecast will be simulcast on FOX, ESPN, the NFL Network, and PBS. 

The intent by the NFL is a nation-wide forum lead by tops sports journalists interviewing a panel leading physicians and experts in the filed of CTE. 

The panel of experts will be brought in from Universities and research facilities in the United States, including US Veterans Hospitals.

Former NFL players and a select group of US military veterans, including individuals suffering from CTE have also been invited with their caretakers to participate via satellite links all over the United States.

The intention by the NFL executives was to "go beyond the August 2013 settlement" and  "get out ahead of this issue" while "making every effort to take care of those players who helped establish" the incredibly successful business of professional football.

The NFL also expressed interest in reaching out to US veterans and their families to "give something back to the people who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe."

The Chicago Sun Times recently reported that US District Court Judge Anita Brody ruled that the $765 million settlement, reached in August of 2013, to cover current and former players suffering from the long term effects of CTE, may not be enough. 

As reported by the Digital Journal, the San Diego based law firm of Mitchell and Shea weighed in, affirming that Judge Anita Brody's decision is the right one for their clients, more than 4,500 former NFL players.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States and one of the most lucrative, regularly garnering the highest television ratings each week. Their profits last year were over 9 billion dollars.

In scheduling this event during super bowl week, the NFL executives have chosen the most public and visible stage during their busiest week of the year, all in an effort to draw added attention and exposure to the issue of head trauma.

This event is scheduled for a world famous NYC venue. 

Unfortunately this is not a real press release but rather a work of fiction. Those of us affected by CTE, however, will not stop until the issue is made front and center in American society and the people and families affected by this horrible disease get the help they need, no matter the cost in financial terms or the uncomfortable reality currently hidden which must be made known.

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