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02 October 2014


Wherever you reside on this tiny planet, you should care deeply about the so-called Umbrella Revolution because what those college students are doing in Hong Kong can change the world.

The message they are sending out specifically to the corrupt, brutally oppressive government in Beijing centers around simple ideas like true democracy and free elections, yet it runs deeper than just their immediate circumstances. In this case, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Their energy and message might as well go out to all oppressive and similarly corrupt governments:

Joshua Wong

The grandest conspiracy plot is the one to thwart our own enlightenment, and the greatest impediment to our own transformation process, after our patterns of thought and choices, are governments jam-packed with political leaders who are are complete frauds and completely corrupt--not just in Beijing, but in Washington, DC and elsewhere as well.

The people are rising up! Corrupt politicians, whether in Beijing or Washington, or anywhere else, better get their running shoes on because the change is coming. These (mostly) students might just lead a worldwide revolution.

In my country, for example, we've had enough of endless wars that only seem to profit arms manufacturers based on false flags and overly-exaggerated terror threats.

We're also tired of governments with politicians who think the people exist solely for their wealth building.

We're sick of high taxes basically funding government corruption on every level great and small.

We've had enough lock downs in our cities and schools and old women and children grouped by TSA agents in airports. 

The students along with their teachers and professors and even some political leaders in Hong Kong want real democracy and real free trade and real openness and real transparency. And their message is simple: There's more of us than there is of you! We've decided we won't take it anymore and there's nothing you can do about it!

There is this notion in the United States that our security is so greatly at risk that we should allow our government to take any and all means necessary to ensure our safety, so we give up our rights and allow such nonsense as mass surveillance by the NSA and the ebbing away of our civil liberties in so many endless laws designed to fight "terror." Yet, the reality is that terror threats are so small and over-blown and the illusion that the government provides us with security so laughable it would be a great comedy if it weren't so tragic and expensive.

Think about that man who recently entered the White House, running all the way past security from the front fence to the lawn to the front door and inside to just outside the President's bedroom! That man's rather erratic adventure is a gift to all of us. He's trying to show us in his inerrant manner just what a fraud this notion of high security really is. And, if after so many trillions of dollars spent, security is still really so slack, maybe the terror threats have also been overblown as well; otherwise, we'd all be dead by now, right?

Recently, Obama got into an elevator with  an armed felon standing next to him and no one even noticed! 

And remember when Obama spoke at Mandala's funeral, the sign-language interpreter standing next to him and the other world leaders was a fake, making made-up improvised sign-language movements. He could have been a killer but he was just a jester.

My point is the only security we truly have is the security we are willing to offer to each other--no government can keep us safe. It is up to all of us fellow human beings to protect and take care of each other.

The Chinese government reminds me a lot of the USSR during the 80s.

What we perceived to be so secure and fortress-like was actually hanging on by a thread, completely falling apart from the inside out. All it took was some serious rhetoric and support by the free world for those seeking reform, including US President Ronald Reagan, to topple the shaky regime.

China, too, is a shaky land built on a political foundation of lies, corruption and brutality.

Maybe, just maybe, the Chinese people will take a cue from those brave, amazing kids in Hong Kong and decide to line-up and say, "there are way more of us than of you!"  Beijing would have no answer to that. Maybe that's what oppressive regimes all over the world are actually afraid of--that we all might one day just wake up.

To sum up what I've learned so far from the beautiful students in Hong Kong regarding how to properly conduct a revolution:

Do it with love.

Take back your power from your corrupt overlords--it was never theirs to begin with!

Don't break anything.

Clean up after yourselves.

Don't quit no matter what.

Do it with love.

Imagine how we could change the world if we all had the courage of this young woman?

The human yearning for freedom and self-determination is as old as history itself--the spirit of people in pursuit of such freedom can never be extinguished from the palette of human expression. 

Perhaps it is time we all decided to take back our power, take some responsibility for our choices and change the world for the better.

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