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14 October 2014


And five more of the most unlikely health foods ever:

The mantra of my generation (baby-boomers mostly) has always been to avoid salt or to cut down on salt to alleviate conditions like high-blood pressure or heart disease. The focus should have been to examine the kind and quality of the salt. Processed, iodized, common table salt is more the issue--that stuff is what's killing people because it is dead. Unprocessed or minimally processed Sea Salt is just fine and even health-promoting because it is a live food! Your body cannot function without salt as your cellular chemistry requires it. Try the healthy stuff, seasoning food to taste and in cooking to see if problems like high blood-pressure don't improve! Salt, like sun-exposure and saturated fat, has been much maligned and our health has suffered because of these and similar false notions. Salt is an essential mineral that helps your body utilize the life force on this earth and the entire universe for that matter, an incredibly necessary catalyst.

Yes, Bacon! As long as it is organic and without added nitrates, Bacon is a great food for anyone who has ever suffered from blood sugar issues. That beautiful saturated fat stays in your system and helps keep your blood sugar regulated and you don't suffer those mood/energy swings in the late morning or afternoon. Go for the bacon, just not too much.Foods high in saturated fat actually help you lose weight if you need to because they satiate you and you eat less as the cravings for sugars and other carbs disappear.

Again, saturated fats get a bad rap. Just make sure the beef is from cows who are grass-fed and otherwise raised organically or free range. The best way is to find a local source. Meat only became unhealthy when mass produced in factory farms from unhealthy animals. There's never been a society or culture of humans on this planet that didn't eat red meat except for religious reasons.  The highest, most powerful source of protein and, for lack of a better word, "life energy" or "qi" that exists on this planet nutritionally (remember we get most of our life force simply from breathing!) comes from red meat because as cows eat the grass grown with the forces of sunlight, water, and carbon literally the energy of sun and power of the earth to condense it we get this powerhouse food of incredible nutritional density. Just don't over cook it and enjoy in small amounts several times a month at least.

Raw foods and juicing became key "innovations" in my early nutritional education and experiences, but the best way to assimilate the healthy benefits of greens is to cook them and cook them well--in a pot with water and sea salt and other herbs to taste. The way your grandma ate the greens is best. You don't get any minerals unless you cook the greens and break the cell wall of the plants--usually darkening and going limp are good signs. Drink the dark water or save it for soups, too. When you juice, you lose all the fiber and get mostly sugars. Stop wasting your money and stressing your digestive system with raw foods. Meat is what your should be eating on the rarer side, not veggies! Well cooked food means easily digested and easily absorbed nutrients.

Don't worry so much about eating organic that may well be flown in from across the globe and out of season. Eat local, in-season for the greatest nutritional power and vital life force. There's something magical that happens in your body when you eat local fruits or vegetables in season, like blueberries and tomatoes in the summer where I live and apples and root vegetables in the fall and winter. Your body has a deep knowing and recognizes when you follow traditional patterns of eating based on the seasons.

The best way to consume diary is raw if you have access or conversely dairy products are healthiest when aged or fermented as in Yogurt, Kefir and aged cheeses. If cows milk isn't your thing, don't neglect other sources of milk like goat for example--goat milk is milder and easier assimilated because of different proteins than cows milk. Additionally, most people who claim to have milk allergies have no problem with raw diary which contains enzymes that help you digest it. Quite simply in all of human history dairy foods are the greatest addition to the human diet.

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