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05 April 2016

Parallel Universes (?)

I had a dream about parallel universes, perhaps multiverses(?), existing in two simultaneously during the dream. 

I kept checking what was "real" via my sensory perception, but I was in both at the same time or at least flipping back and forth from one to the other, yet I was completely aware of watching myself going back and forth, which made the experience notable: I was acting in the dream and watching myself act in the dream.

The interesting aspect was the manner in which my brain operated, as if its main task was to work as a machine or computer of some sort that uses a language (the words of that language formed from my perception of outside stimuli) to confirm presence in one universe (reality) or another but with "reality" being a much more plastic or malleable situation than previously imagined; this malleability included my interpretations of the stimuli forming my reality.

But there was no reality other than what my brain fed me, leading me toward a wider understanding of consciousness as I experienced the sensation of being beyond this brain function, again, almost as an observer watching from somewhere else. 

I've become intensely aware of the stories we tell ourselves to interpret reality, to shape it into manageable bites of information and the pitfalls of this process.

Not coincidentally I had received what I've come to refer to as a download a few nights before from the helpers* (?) in the form of that same full-body buzzing, vibrating while my body is otherwise paralyzed, just like a phone on vibrate.

These downloads are regularly-occurring events. As described above, I'm awake but immobile, and my entire body buzzes and vibrates for (what seems much longer than) a few seconds. I seem even to levitate off the bed. Then I'm released. I don't know the source of these episodes. Feels like my body is a receiver of some sorts and it is getting data downloaded. That's the best way I can describe it.

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