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25 June 2018

The Human Garden: Nourishing the Dirt

if someone says you are common as dirt, take that as a compliment

nourish the dirt, our bodies in all dimensions of space, spirit and time

prepare the soil to receive the gifts of the seeds we plant

plant good seeds, but it doesn't matter how rare, precious or beautiful they are if we don't nourish the dirt, our literal, earthly bodies

there are many things we cannot control, but do the best we can with what we can control--create a fragrant, healthy, rich, organic soil, with fine rows and good water; use dark mulch to create black gold

let the sunlight, rain, moonlight, and darkness of moonless nights all work their veiled magic

the harvest will come, seemingly all at once; we'll have so much, the harvest will overflow and the hardest task is finding enough containers to hold it or how to give it away

think of our bodies, literally as dirt, always potentially fertile in so many ways, procreation notwithstanding, and cherish this commonness, visualize holding in your hand a mound of this black, life-giving substance that brings so much potential if honored and nourished

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