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25 June 2018

Sacred Breath

Sometimes I marvel at simple blessings, like breathing. Are you thankful for breathing? Are you aware of the absolute miracle breathing embodies on this planet?

lately, I've been thinking about the miracle of breathing. We exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in a dance with the green plants of this earth. Considering all the religions and sacred ceremony in which humans have ever participated are there any ceremonies as sacred and miraculous as simply breathing? Breath is a holy ritual, one that instantly connects us all.

I suppose if one struggles with breathing, this dance is not taken for granted. Not ever. For those of us blessed enough not to have to fight for breath, do we sometimes take it for granted? This perfect ceremony expressing simplicity and love should be acknowledged.

How about we try a simple exercise in thankfulness for the gift of breath. Say a prayer of thanks. Offer humble and heartfelt appreciation to all the green plants of this world and to the Creator for their willingness to offer such a common, but incredibly loving embrace, over and over, every minute of our lives.

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