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02 March 2018

Herbs for Heart Health: Motherwort



HOW IS IT MADE/USED: Tinctured from the fresh, flowering plant tops in 100 proof alcohol.

HOW MUCH TO TAKE AND HOW OFTEN: The dosage I use is for heart matters is 2 (two) droppers full (approximately 50 drops) in water. This can be repeated in 15 or 20 minute intervals if relief is not achieved. Relief should be fairly quick and quite noticeable.

WHY: The desired effects include but are not limited to: soothing emotional upset or heart-break, restoring heart rhythms from irregular heart beats, including atrial fibrillation, to normal, slowing a rapid heart-rate, normalizing blood pressure, increasing blood flow and oxygen in blood. Motherwort is also said in tales of folklore to restore blood flow around blocked blood vessels in the heart, a "bypass in a glass" as I've often heard my teacher Susun S.Weed say.

CONCERNS: If you are taking heart medications, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for any possible interactions, although I have found no issues using Motherwort even with people on other medications, and I have even seen people reduce and eliminate medications with regular use of Motherwort. I find Motherwort can be taken safely on a long-term basis with no ill-effects. As always, one should never forego qualified diagnosis and treatment from licensed health care professionals. Herbs are quite safe when used properly, but in matters of emergency, my personal rule is to use herbs, or whatever else is at my disposal, and then seek medical help. I don't exclude one healing tradition for another. I'll use anything that works and always choose the method that does least harm.

SPECIAL NOTES: Try Motherwort tincture in Stinging Nettle infusion for a synergistic effect. Within a few minutes, this combo will relax blood vessels and improve blood flow and breathing, increase oxygenation and ease discomfort and anxiety around the heart Charkra.

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